The Health Benefits of Ginger Shots [Buyer’s Guide]

Do you like ginger? Do you like shots? Well, you will love ginger shots. Even if shots aren’t your thing, these zesty, nutrient-dense mini-doses are full of incredible health benefits. They’re an excellent way to start the day or to end it. But your body goes through a lot each day, and recently, we’ve learned the importance of a strong immune system. Ginger has been shown to support our immune response, strengthen our other body systems, energize us, and even protect us from disease.  

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What Are Ginger Shots?

Ginger root, or just ginger as we usually call it, is a plant that originates in Southeast Asia. We use the horizontal stem (rhizome) that grows from the root as a zesty spice for foods and beverages. Ginger belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and is related to cardamom, turmeric, and galangal. It’s readily available fresh, dried, powdered, or as a juice or oil from your local grocery or health food store. 

For over 5,000 years, Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and western science have all documented the health benefits of ginger for battling inflammation, digestive issues, and nausea. 

Ginger shots are small doses of intensely flavored raw ginger juice made from fresh ginger root and perhaps, a few other simple ingredients to enhance the flavor and benefits. You can buy them pre-made, or you can juice your own at home

Best Health Benefits of Ginger Shots

The following health benefits of ginger shots are backed by science and research.  

Treats Nausea and Morning Sickness

Unfortunately, there are many times in our lives when we will feel nausea due to illness or certain types of surgery. Ginger will help with this, as well as nausea due to pregnancy (morning sickness) and chemotherapy.  

While ginger is considered safe even for pregnant women, you should consult your doctor. It’s not recommended that you consume ginger near labor or if you have had miscarriages. 

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Contains Gingerol

Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger, and it’s responsible for all of its exceptional properties. Gingerol works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and is more abundant in fresh ginger than dried. If you want to benefit the most from ginger, you should use it fresh. Gingerol has been found to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria, and according to a 2008 study, it was also effective against the oral bacterias that cause gingivitis and periodontitis. 

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Helps with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the degeneration of your joints, leading to stiffness and joint pain. A literature review found that participants receiving between 500 mg and 1 g of ginger per day for up to 12 weeks experienced a significant decrease in pain and discomfort from their OA. The only side effect reported was that some participants didn’t like the taste of ginger. 

May Help with Weight Loss

Weight loss is always a hot topic, and anything that promises to contribute to body fat loss is worth considering. Ginger can reduce body weight by decreasing your hunger and increasing your metabolic rate, so you burn calories faster. One 2019 review found a noted reduction in waist-hip ratio and the hip ratio of overweight people, as well as boosted weight loss. Another study in 2016 showed that ginger could also reduce a person’s body mass (BMI) and blood sugar levels.

Lowers Blood Sugar and Risk of Heart Disease

A study done in 2015 showed how 41 people with type 2 diabetes were given 2 g of ginger powder each day, and it lowered their fasting blood sugar by 12%. Additionally, the participants’ hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), displaying long-term blood sugar levels, was reduced by 10% over 12 weeks. The same study showed a decrease in signs of oxidative stress in the body, meaning there was a lessened risk of heart disease. A 2019 literature review backed up these findings. 

Reduces Menstrual Pain

Monthly menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) is a major issue for some women. These throbbing cramps may be accompanied by headaches, body aches, nausea, diarrhea, and lower back pain. But a 2009 study took 150 women and divided them into three groups. For the first three days of their period, one group took ibuprofen (400 mg), the other took mefenamic acid (250 mg), and the final group took ginger powder (250 mg). Each participant got four daily doses of their chosen remedy. It was found that the ginger was as effective as the two drugs.

Treats Chronic Digestive Problems

Chronic indigestion shows itself as recurring pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen. This pain may be the result of delayed emptying of the stomach. Ginger is known to speed up this digestive process, so it’s effective in treating indigestion.

A 2011 study describes the effect of giving ginger capsules or a placebo to study participants an hour before they ate soup. Those who were given the ginger experienced an empty stomach several minutes before those who took the placebo. This effect was also observed with people who don’t have indigestion. A small study in 2008 gave a ginger capsule or a placebo to participants and saw that those who took the ginger capsule an hour before they ate soup had empty stomachs well before those who took the placebo. 

May Prevent Cancer

Gingerol, the main component in raw ginger, may be powerful in treating several kinds of cancer. There is still a lot of research to be done in this area, but there is evidence that ginger may be effective against gastrointestinal cancers like pancreatic cancer and liver cancer. 

Improves and Protects Brain Function

Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress can speed up aging and cognitive decline. Animal studies show that antioxidants and compounds found in ginger can stop the activity of inflammation in the brain. Further, a 2012 study showed that daily doses of ginger given to healthy, middle-aged women improved their working memory and reaction times. 

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The Final Word on Ginger Shots

Consuming ginger shots has broad and exciting health benefits to your body and brain. 

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