Here's How Many Probiotics Are in Kefir

Kefir grains developed quite a name for themselves lately due to reports of impressively high levels of natural probiotics, known for their health benefits, in the culture.

Health-conscious organizations have turned the kefir grains into health drinks known as kefir shots, and more people want to know about the truth about how healthy the drinks are. 

Is the hype validated? 

We will cover exactly how many probiotics are in kefir shots and whether they truly improve your health. 

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are a combination of yeast and good bacteria that already exist in your body, mostly in the gut. 

Since your immune system is familiar with the content of probiotics, it doesn’t recognize it as a foreign substance and try to destroy it, allowing the probiotics to provide a greater impact. 

You can receive probiotics in a number of ways, but the most common is to consume it in food and drinks or take them in the form of a supplement. Probiotics are safe, but they cause mild side effects in rare cases. 

The three main types of probiotics are Bifidobacterium, Saccharomyces boulardii, and Lactobacillus kefiri, specific to the kefir plant.

Many experts see a connection between taking probiotics and improved digestion, weight control, and a positive attitude. There are also studies that suggest probiotics can reduce the number of bad bacteria that exist in your body. 

Are you interested in incorporating probiotics into your diet plan? Learn more about Sunny Culture, one of the leading providers of kefir probiotic shots on the market. 

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Amount of Probiotics in Kefir

Most people consider yogurt one of the best natural sources of probiotics available. However, kefir significantly exceeds yogurt in the amount of probiotics. 

In fact, yogurt contains about 50 million CFUs of probiotics, but the kefir plant contains up to 10 billion CFUs. 

While it changes depending on the type of kefir, the average kefir plant contains about 60 variations of good bacteria and yeast. Having multiple types of probiotics provides additional benefits. 

Consuming Kefir Probiotic Drinks

Probiotic shots are a perishable product, so you must store the drinks in the refrigerator until you drink them. 

Sunny Culture suggests starting with 8 ounces of product a day at first and gradually increase your intake to provide a smooth transition for your body. 

Kefir Shots vs. Kombucha

You may hear people comparing kefir shots to the popular drink kombucha

Both drinks are fermented beverages that contain high levels of probiotics. So what makes them different? 

The first noticeable difference comes from taste. Kombucha contains a vinegar flavor that you won’t get from products made with water kefir. 

Kombucha also contains probiotics, even though kefir is known to have a broader variety of probiotics. 

Types of Kefir Bases

Kefir is a fermented drink made from the kefir plant and combined with a base to create health shots.

Different kefir bases have different health benefits, so to know how healthy a kefir shot is, it starts by identifying the type of base.

The three types of kefir shots are water kefir shots, coconut kefir shots, and dairy kefir, depending on the base material. 

Dairy Kefir 

Dairy kefir has a naturally tart taste and thick consistency. Dairy kefir, as the name suggests, does contain milk products, so it does not meet the regulations as a vegan product. It can also contain high sugar levels of 20 grams per 8 ounces. 

Coconut Kefir 

For a light option, coconut kefir shots have only 4 grams of sugar per 8 ounces. It is also vegan and has a sharp flavor to it. 

Water Kefir

Water kefir has the mildest taste of all three options and is considered the most gentle. That’s what makes it a great option for adding flavors. It also has comparable sugar content to light coconut kefir with only 6 grams per 8 ounces. It is also vegan and gluten free. 

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Benefits of Sunny Culture Probiotic Shots

Why should you try Sunny Culture probiotic shots? Learn all about the benefits of probiotic shots from Sunny Culture before you buy!


Sunny Culture uses vegan water kefir to make their drinks, meaning they don’t contain any milk or animal products. 

This ensures that the drinking fit into most people’s diets, even the strictest vegans. 


Preservatives can get into products, and customers end up drinking those preservatives. That’s why at Sunny Culture, they keep all products organic by not using any unnatural products in the probiotic shots. So you won’t see long shelf life’s like you do in other more processed products.

You can rest assured that everything in the drink comes from nature and didn’t experience significant modification. 


Many people today aim to eliminate gluten from their diets as much as possible. These people will be happy to know that probiotic shots do not contain any gluten. Anyone can enjoy the shots without fear of intestinal distress, even people with celiac disease


Not only do people drink probiotic shots for the health benefits, but they taste great, too! You can describe the taste as “subtly sweet and smooth.”

Flavored offered by Sunny Culture include:

  • Turmeric, ginger, and black pepper
  • Ginger, lemon, and cayenne
  • Elderberry, ginger, and cayenne
  • Lemon, spirulina, and cordyceps

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Sunny Culture

Two friends with a passion for gut health decided to start the Sunny Culture brand that focuses on probiotic shots made from water kefir and nothing else. The focused vision helps make Sunny Culture a leader in the industry with one of the best products available and features in Whole Foods and Forbes. 

You can buy products in single flavor 12-packs, variety 12-packs, or order a subscription plan that automatically sends products to your front door regularly.

The drinks are available in stores across Florida including Whole Foods Market. 

Are you ready to try one of the delicious probiotic shots made by Sunny Culture? View the products to buy a single bottle or a variety pack.

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