What is Water Kefir?

Water kefir is a light and sparkling probiotic beverage made with live water kefir grains.

Does this contain dairy?

No, Sunny Culture is Dairy Free.

Does this contain gluten?

No, Sunny Culture is Gluten Free.

Is Sugar added to Sunny Culture?

No, Sunny Culture does not use added sugar for taste. However, there is residual organic cane sugar that is left over from the live fermenting process. Please see Nutrition Label.

Does Sunny Culture need to be refrigerated?

Yes, Sunny Culture is perishable and refrigeration is needed.

Does Sunny Culture contain alcohol?

Water Kefir is non-alcoholic and is considered “Kid-Friendly”

What is the recommended intake?

When you first start drinking water kefir, start with one glass a day. Over time as your gut acclimates to the probiotics you may drink more.


Does this taste like kombucha?

No, the vinegar bite that is common in kombucha is not found in water kefir. Many have found Sunny Culture to be a friendlier product