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What is water kefir?

Water kefir is a light, sparkling probiotic beverage made with live water kefir culture. 

Does Sunny Culture contain dairy?

Nope! All Sunny Culture products are dairy-free and vegan.

Does Sunny Culture taste like Kombucha?

    No, water kefir doesn’t have the vinegar bite that Kombucha is known for. Many have found Sunny Culture to be a friendlier product.

    Difference between Water Kefir & Dairy Kefir?

      Water Kefir ferments in water instead of milk. It is dairy-free and lower in sugar. Water Kefir is light & refreshing and plant-based.

      Does this contain dairy?

        No, Sunny Culture is Dairy Free.

        Does this contain gluten?

          Nope, Sunny Culture is gluten-free.

          Is sugar added to any Sunny Culture products?

            No. We don’t add sugar for taste; we only use organic cane sugar to activate the probiotics during the live fermentation process. 

            How sweet is the taste of Sunny Culture?

              Subtly sweet :)

              Does Sunny Culture need to be refrigerated?

                Yes, Sunny Culture is raw and perishable. Refrigeration is needed.

                Does Sunny Culture contain alcohol?

                  Sunny Culture is non-alcoholic and is considered kid-friendly.

                  What is the recommended daily intake of Sunny Culture?

                    When you first start drinking water kefir, start with one serving (8 oz) a day. Over time, as your gut acclimates to the probiotics, you may drink more.



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