How Many Probiotic Drinks Per Day Should I Take?

If you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, it is all about balancing out the proper nutrition. This concept is especially true for those looking to boost the health of their gut. If you consume too much of anything, it can cause your digestive system to act strangely. While the average person can eat and drink to their heart’s content, the gut is not invincible. When a digestive system is out of balance, it can lead to issues with your health. You may want to introduce probiotics into your diet to boost gut health. 


What Are Probiotics?


In your digestive system, you need certain enzymes to break down all the food in your gut. Along with that, bacteria can also help to regulate the health of your digestive system. Throughout your gut, you will have 300 types of bacteria working to keep your digestive system on the right track. 

These healthy bacteria help keep your immune system in tip-top shape, and they can fight off harmful bacteria and other bugs in your digestive tract. Probiotics take all that energy from undigested carbohydrates and turn them into K and B vitamins. 

You have good and bad bacteria in your intestinal tract, with the good type outnumbering the bad by 85 to 15. If any of that “good” bacteria drops below 85 percent, you can start to feel some physical effects, such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and indigestion. In some cases, that drop in good bacteria can cause changes in your appetite


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To keep the right amount of good bacteria in your stomach, you should consider adding some probiotics into your system. These probiotics contain all that “good” bacteria. There have been many studies on the usage of probiotics, and most have shown that probiotics can help restore that 85:15 ratio in the digestive system. With these supplements, you will regain gut health with the ideal amounts of bad and good bacteria. 


a glass of drinkable yogurt


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Dosage Amounts of Probiotic Drinks


Since you can usually find probiotics in drinks or supplements, you need to understand the dosage amounts. These probiotic drinks and supplements are measured in a supplement dosage known as colony-forming units, or CFUs

What does that mean for your product? Colony-forming units are the number of viable and live bacteria in the product. An average probiotic drink should have about 1 billion CFUs per dose for an average adult. While it seems like a lot of bacteria, it is actually on the low end of the scale. Most probiotic supplements contain billions of CFUs per dose, and some even have 100 billion CFUs

If you want to find the correct dose for your body, you might want to consult your nutritionist or doctor. These professionals can help you figure out what is the proper dosage for you. In some cases, you may need just one type of bacteria for optimal health. However, some drinks do contain multiple species of bacteria in the product. 

Whatever you choose, these probiotics can help your digestive system get back on the right track for a healthy and happy gut. 


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Too Much or Not Enough?


If you want to keep that digestive system happy, you need to make sure you are getting the right dosage of probiotics. Too much of a specific probiotic can also throw your digestive system out of whack, while too little will not have the best results for your health. 

You always want to select a product that contains around 1 to 100 billion CFUs. However, you cannot drink one product and be done. The key is to take these probiotics to keep them in your gut consistently. Probiotics are changing the environment of your digestive system, and it will take time to see some results

Before you start drinking your probiotics, you should discuss options with your doctor. Not all probiotics are created equal, and you always want to follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions

The key is to remain patient and wait for those results. It may take a while to see a difference. After a bit, if you don’t see some results, you can always boost your probiotic intake daily. You want to ensure that the probiotic is helping your digestive system and not hurting it


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Some Signs That You Have Too Much or Not Enough Probiotics


Even in liquid form, it can take some time for those probiotic drinks to kick into your system. You might want to track your progression and write down any symptoms from taking the product. If you are under the care of a doctor, make sure to check in with him or her, especially if:

  • Your symptoms get worse
  • You are experiencing new issues
  • You are exerting food or drink intolerance
  • You see a change in your mood, such as anxiety and depression


two glass bottles


If you are looking for ways to prevent some of these symptoms, be sure to keep hydrated throughout the day. For this reason, many people choose probiotic drinks to introduce this bacteria into their systems. Not only are you getting all those benefits of good bacteria, but you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

Probiotic drinks can do wonders for your health and help your gut get back into balance. These probiotic drinks are the perfect way to restore your well-being in a tasty and convenient beverage

While it might take some time for your gut to adjust to the new probiotics, you know that these bacteria are working hard to keep you healthy


Looking to boost the health of your digestive system? From elderberry to turmeric, Sunny Culture offers a wide range of delicious probiotic drinks. 

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