What Are Probiotic Drinks?

The word bacteria has a negative connotation attached to it. We relate it to viruses and diseases that can harm our bodies.

However, there are good and bad bacteria that are living inside of us. It’s important to regulate it because having too many harmful bacteria causes you to get sick. 

So how do you regulate the bacteria in your body? You can take probiotic drinks. They can add healthy bacteria to your body to help enhance your gut health and return balance to your body’s bacteria. 

Today we’ll be discussing what probiotic drinks are and how these supplements bring a multitude of health benefits with them.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are a combination of live bacteria and yeasts that naturally live in your body. They help fight off infections and help boost other body functions.

Probiotics are part of our microbiome. It’s a “community” of organisms in our bodies that work to keep us healthy. Each community is made up of microbes. Microbes consist of:

  • Fungi
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

Everyone has a different microbiome. No one’s bodies are the same, which is why individuals take various supplements to benefit their health.

Microbes need to have specific characteristics to be labeled as a probiotic. They need to:

  • Be beneficial for you in some way
  • Survive in your intestine after being eaten
  • Be consumed safely

Consuming Probiotics

Probiotics are in some foods that we eat. But if you’re looking to be conscious about your intake, you can get them from foods such as:

  • Sourdough bread
  • Yogurt
  • Sauerkraut
  • Cottage cheese
  • Miso soup

While these are great ways to enhance probiotics in your gut, they can result in a bland diet that you may find unappealing. Another great way to get the necessary probiotics your body needs is by drinking probiotic drinks.

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Visit our FAQ to get answers to other questions you may have about probiotic drinks.

How Do Probiotic Drinks Work? 

Most supplements come in the forms of pills, tinctures, or by adding them to your foods. Probiotics may come in similar ways, but the easiest way to add them to your diet is by drinking them.

Think about it like this. If you were looking at the healthy bacteria on a plate, would you eat it? Probably not because bacteria look hideous. Combining the helpful bacteria with organic and tasty ingredients will remove hesitations about consuming probiotics, and that’s what we aim to do at Sunny Culture. 

Benefits of Probiotic Drinks

Adding probiotic drinks to your daily routine will greatly benefit you in the long run. They help regulate your gut bacteria, but they also come with a multitude of other benefits.

Help With Clearer Skin

Acne and blackheads can be troublesome. No matter what products we use, it can be hard to deal with breakouts.

If you add probiotic drinks to your daily regimen, it can help ward off some of the bacteria that create acne. Our products will overpower acne, leading to much clearer skin. 

Boosts Your Immune System

Gut health is an essential component in having a strong immune system. When you have a weaker immune system, you’re susceptible to sickness easier than those who have stronger immune systems. 

You can strengthen your immune system through probiotic drinks. They’ll help regulate your gut bacteria and give your immunity system a boost to fight off harmful viruses.

May Help You Lose Weight

Foods we eat store fat content in our bodies, which provides us with energy to complete certain tasks. However, sometimes fat can stay in our bodies, increasing our weight.

Probiotic drinks help reduce the fat stored in your intestines. Instead, the fat will be excreted through feces, which can lower your body fat. 

These supplements can also help you feel full for a more extended period. It will reduce the amount of food you think you need to eat, which can also aid in weight loss

Can Treat Diarrhea

Diarrhea is an uncomfortable bowel movement condition, which can sometimes be the result of consuming antibiotics. Antibiotics disturb the bacteria balance in your gut, leaving you more prone to develop the condition.

Remember, probiotics are full of healthy bacteria. So they’ll be able to help your gut bacteria remained balanced, even if you are taking antibiotics. Probiotic drinks are also helpful for those who suffer from diarrhea that isn’t caused by taking antibiotics.

Beneficial to Heart Health

Thirteen percent of Americans each year are diagnosed with heart disease. Various conditions like heart attacks and strokes can be life-threatening.

With the addition of probiotics to your regimen, your heart health will increase, adding extra protection against heart disease 

Helps With Your Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as our physical health, and we should treat it as such. But sometimes, conditions such as depression and anxiety can be overwhelming, preventing us from adequately taking care of our mental health.

If you’ve suffered from mental health conditions, add probiotics drinks to your daily regimen. Probiotic drinks help our bodies overall, meaning that they can help combat the symptoms related to anxiety and depression. 

For the best results, combine probiotic drinks with other treatment methods you find helpful.

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Probiotic Drinks Are Essential to Your Wellbeing 

Here at Sunny Culture, we understand the importance of health and wellness. That’s why we believe probiotics are important for your health. Our probiotic drinks are dairy-free and go through raw fermentation, which uses organic ingredients.

Most viruses and diseases that we face often come from unbalanced bacteria in your gut. However, using probiotic drinks will regulate your gut bacteria and enhance your overall health.

It’s a great supplement to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re ready to add these supplements to your diet, you can contact us here to learn more. You can also check out our products page to see our various probiotic drink options.

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