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Linda C

5/5 Lemon Ginger

When you shoot it, there is a slight hit of cayenne at the end, but it's the easiest ginger shot I have ever taken. I love it as a quick little start to my morning.

I've been switching up between the shots for 2 months and feel great. I also love there drinks but online is more convenient! I hope drinks are available online soon.

Jeremy C

5/5 Elderberry Ginger

I bought the variety pack to help with some indigestion I tend to have in the mornings. I'm happy to report these probiotics made a difference for me.

The elderberry is my favorite and the shots format make it really easy to take on the go. I have tried many shots before and this is the first time I prefer to sip than just shoot it quickly.

Sherry Coughlin

5/5 | Lemon Spirulina

This is the most unique shot I have tried. I haven't found a probiotic shot with cordyceps and lemon until now. I had one daily for a full week before breakfast and by day 3 I actually stopped needing my late morning coffee.

I feel great natural energy and its also delicious like a fresh pressed lemon shot. I just signed up for the subscription, thank you Sunny Culture.

Rany & Patrick here...

We hope you love our delicious Probiotic Shots! We pay special attention to every ingredient so that we can offer the best tasting health and wellness drink available.

Probiotic Shots Are Great For Your Health ❤️


Our products pass all safety and health standards and are certified organic. Whole Food's loves us too!


We support all healthy lifestyles and diets at Sunny Culture. We make sure our probiotic shots help everyone equally.


Having a non-dairy product means you don't have to worry about lactose intolerance, additives, or worse.


No caffeine, no preservatives, no BS. Our health drinks and probiotic shots are designed to have you feeling better safely.

The Benefits of Probiotic Shots

Are you looking to add probiotic shots to your daily regimen? If so, then continue reading to learn about the benefits and much more.Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m sure we’ve all learned the value of a healthy lifestyle. Good hygiene and diets are essential tools that can help us live longer lives.

But even though we may practice good self-care, it can be hard to stay consistent at times. So what can you do when you hit a wall?You can add probiotic shots to your health regimen. They’re a great supplement that can help boost your body’s natural defenses against potential viruses. Let’s take a look at what they are and some of the benefits associated with them.

What Are Probiotic Shots?

When people hear the word “probiotic,” bacteria is one of the first words that come to mind. You start thinking of these weird-looking viruses that move slowly and separate under a microscope.But in truth, bacteria are much more than that and have proven themselves useful to our health. That’s why they’re in probiotic shots.

These shots consist of healthy bacteria that are needed to help regulate our gut bacteria and boost our immune systems. Also, don’t worry; the supplements won’t taste like bacteria!

What Are the Benefits of Probiotic Shots?

Well, now that you’re converted from your negative connotation of the word “bacteria,” it’s time to discuss some of the benefits of drinking probiotic shots. As we’ve already mentioned, they regulate gut bacteria and are a great immune system booster. But here are other ways they help.

Can Help You Lose Weight 

Now that you’re converted from the negative connotation of the word “bacteria,” it’s time to discuss some of the benefits of drinking probiotic shots. As we’ve already mentioned, they regulate gut bacteria and are a great immune system booster. But here are other ways they help.

Can Give a Mental Health Boost

More people are discussing mental health, especially over the last year and a half. Over 40 Million U.S. adults suffer from some mental health issues each year. Although probiotic shots won’t cure the ailments that are associated with these conditions, they can help combat them.

Probiotic Shots Will Enhance Your Life

Choosing to put your health and wellness above all can be challenging. By adding probiotic shots to your regimen, you’ll see a tremendous difference in your body.

It’s time for you to order some healthy bacteria to give your body a boost. Make sure to check out our products page to see the probiotic shots that we have on sale.


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