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How Kefir Water is Made

What the heck is Kefir Water?

Kefir Water is a light and sparkling beverage that has been used throughout history to support gut health and overall wellness. 

What is Sunny Culture?

Sunny Culture starts with our Raw Probiotic Kefir and is complimented by our careful selection of Organic Superfoods! These are the same recipes that have been family secrets for years and we are now excited to share them all with you. It’s time to drink with purpose and to have a sparkling option that does more than hydrate. Feel the energy, the mental clarity, and the alignment when you unlock the benefits of a healthy gut.  

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Sunny Culture's kefir water made me feel better and helped me lose 30lbs

Tina M.

Surprisingly tasty, amazingly nutritious!

Jackie L.

Sunny Culture keeps me regular without bloating like the probiotic pills that I take

Deborah S.

It’s refreshing, light, and health wise feels like I’m treating my body well

Joseph C.

As an athlete and health nut, Sunny Culture is part of my morning routine.

Casey W.

It reminds me of seltzer, except not flavorless yet not too sweet!

Destiny L.

I like how it’s both refreshing and has added health benefits

Laura B.

Yum!!! I can't believe this is probiotics!

Sara J.