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Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to improve gut health and wellbeing for all with a delicious probiotic water kefir drink that makes guts and taste buds happy.

Our belief that everyone deserves a healthy gut (and that getting there should taste delicious) is motivated by 3 core values: wellness, quality, and joy. 

WELLNESS starts with a healthy gut—a complex microbiome (healthy bacteria!) with significant positive impacts on our whole-body health: our immune systems, hearts, brains, mood, sleep, digestion, and disease prevention. The list of gut health benefits is very long. We believe a healthy gut is everyone’s starting point to wellbeing. 

QUALITY is how we bridge the taste-benefit gap that’s the norm in the wellness drink world. People deserve healthy guts, but they also deserve high-quality, delicious choices that get them there. We handcraft dairy-free probiotic water kefir using a raw fermentation, small-batch process with whole organic ingredients. We curate flavors like hibiscus and elderberry that raise the wellness drink bar and leave kombucha’s vinegar bite and soda’s mounds of sugar behind.

JOY is the output of drinking sparkling water kefir that’s good for you and tastes great. Changing the way things have always been done to create a delicious high-quality wellness drink that brings our customers joy brings us joy too. When you feel good, you can’t help but smile. We call that RESTING SUNNY FACE.
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