Variety Probiotic Shots
Variety Probiotic Shots
Variety Probiotic Shots
Variety Probiotic Shots
Variety Probiotic Shots
Variety Probiotic Shots
Variety Probiotic Shots
Product image 1Variety Probiotic Shots
Product image 2Variety Probiotic Shots
Product image 3Variety Probiotic Shots
Product image 4Variety Probiotic Shots
Product image 5Variety Probiotic Shots
Product image 6Variety Probiotic Shots
Product image 7Variety Probiotic Shots

Variety Probiotic Shots

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Packed with functional ingredients like ginger, elderberry, turmeric, and live fermented probiotics, the Sunny Culture immunity probiotic shot is sure to give you the boost your body needs!

We ferment so that you don’t have to. Fermenting our probiotic allows us to keep the quality standard that you deserve and high probiotic strain diversity. Our probiotics are never heated to maintain more live nutrients, enzymes, and probiotic strains offering higher benefits for your overall immune system health.


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Trusted by employees at:

Trusted by employees at:


Real People. Real Results.

These probiotic shots work great, I feel so much more energetic and productive after just 2 weeks of using them!


I've struggled with stomach issues my whole life and thanks to Sunny Culture I finally feel balanced. Highly recommend.


Don't even think about GoodBelly or some other brand before you try Sunny Culture. You won't be disappointed.


Your Immunity Booster Shot (And Why 1000’s Are Adding This To Their Morning Routine)

Sunny Culture crafts a vegan kefir juice shot that contains live probiotics which are healthy bacteria designed to aid your digestive system, enhance your mood, and overall health and wellness. 

It’ll get you feeling grounded, energized, and motivated while kicking stress to the curb! 

  • No Bloating
  • No Acid Reflux 
  • No Acquired Taste

*Side effect can be relentless smiling better known as Resting Sunny Face 

  • Mood Enhancer 
  • Optimized Digestion 
  • Natural Energy

Why Take Sunny Culture Probiotic Shots?

A Healthy Gut = A Brighter You

  • Be Your Sparkling Best Self (90% of Serotonin is Produced in the gut) 
  • Feel Protected from the Inside Out (70% of Immunity is in your gut) 
  • Unlock greater Digestion & Metabolism (with a more diverse microbiome) 

Why Our Probiotic Shots Work?

We handcraft & hand bottle each water kefir shot made from a live mother culture that we freshly ferment daily at our facility in St Petersburg, Florida.

Our culture offers over 15+ strains of diverse probiotics including:

  • S. cerevisiae
  • S. boulardii
  • L. brevis
  • L. casei
  • L. hilgardii
  • L. hordei
  • L. nagelii
  • L. harbinensis
  • L. paracasei

How to drink
Sunny Culture

Step 1

Step 2
Drink it in the morning

Step 3
Make the Most of Your Day 

Get Our #1 Most Popular Product:

Sunny Culture 12 Bottle Variety Pack.

Get 12 bottles of all 4 of our probitoic shots and get the immunity boost, digestive system aid, and overall health and wellness experience.

Ready to Get Better Gut Health?

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