Sunny Culture Workouts

Welcome to Sunny Culture Workouts From Home! In this series we help you get fit and stay healthy so you can #LiveSunny
Scroll below for the first workout in this three part series.
Animal Flow Yoga  - Cobra Flow
Step 1: Set Up Loaded Beast
- Push hips back towards the heels 
- Allowing the knees to flare slightly wider than the hips 
- Walk hands forward, shoulder-width apart 
- Drop the head between the arms 
- Actively press hands & heels in opposite directions towards the ground 

Step 2: Front Step
- Begin at loaded beast 
- Drive out of Loaded Beast, leading with the active leg 
- Simultaneously lift the same side hand so the foot can land 
- Foot lands outside of where the hand was 
- The same side hand is in front of the shoulder in an attack position 

Step 3: Kick Through
- Pull the opposite leg forward and through the “window” created by the base arm and leg 
- Extend the leg forward with the hips following 
- Finish with the leg fully extended at the knee and toes pointed 
- Pull the kicking leg back through and set it on the floor 
- Move front leg back to starting position 
- Simultaneously placing the same-side hand on the floor 
- Push back into loaded beast 

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